The League exists to serve its members – and members, through their subscriptions and involvement in events, help the League to continue working for the future of the Samoyed.

The League exists to promote understanding of the Samoyed and is open to those with an interest in the breed.  Whether you show, do agility, or spend your time pottering around the park or paddling in the sea, love of the breed is the most important qualification. Membership confers the right to help shape the direction of the League and to be actively involved in the future of the Samoyed.  Members are welcomed to the Annual General Meeting and encouraged to make their views known. Our members’ newsletter, The Globe, is published yearly. in November.  The Globe is where members can write about the Sams they live with and share the joys and sorrows that go hand in hand with dog ownership.   Overseas news is very welcome – as it is fascinating to eavesdrop on Sammy related tales from across the world. The SBOL also publishes the Yearbook, which is free to members.  Unique in the breed, the Yearbook is where you will find details of all the past year’s show results, a vast selection of illustrated kennel advertisements, pedigree details, published HD scores, and members’ contact details.  Whether you are catching up on the shows you missed, looking for a puppy, or just need some advice, the Yearbook is a great source of information..

Members also pay less for show entries – and with an open show and a championship show each year, that alone could cover your costs – a real bargain!


Subscriptions are due on the 1st of January each year.  Single membership is £9;  joint membership (two people in a single household) is £10; and overseas membership is £15.

New membership applications are ratified at the League’s quarterly committee meetings.

You can download a Membership form now – or call or email the membership secretary if you have any questions.

Come and join us!

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