If you have bought your puppy from a reputable breeder then you should have been shown the equipment you need and also how to groom a Samoyed. The breeder should also be available to help if you have problems grooming. The following info is to help you and give you pointers on the best way to have a beautiful, clean, admired Samoyed.

Equipment needed

  • Flat surface (preferably a grooming table but top of washing machine with non slip mat on works as well)
  • pin brush
  • narrow tooth comb
  • wide tooth comb
  • patience


Train your puppy to lie on its side when grooming, makes life much easier when its fully grown. Do not give in when Sam objects to being brushed. Firmness and kindness are the key. Daily brushing is required. Make it an enjoyable time for you both.

Samoyeds have a double coat, soft undercoat with a harsh outer coat. Puppies shed their puppy coats usually between 8 and 12 months; dogs and bitches normally shed once a year, though bitches may do so more often and certainly will shed after whelping. However variations occur according to where the dogs are kept; those in outdoor kennels will normally shed less than those that live in our centrally heated houses. Turning up the heat in November can produce a sudden shed. The frequency of moult varies depending on the dog’s sex and its environment and may be once or twice each year. When moulting they must be brushed and combed daily.


Start with the hindquarters and tail. Groom away from the body with the comb using the fine comb for featherings and hocks. Comb tail with wide tooth comb. Brush through the body of the coat using one hand to part the coat to the skin. Work from the back to the front. Comb behind the ears and make sure there are no knots. Turn dog over and do same on other side. Sit dog up to do under neck. A thorough combing should be done at least every week. Clean teeth and ears weekly.


Brush thoroughly before putting in the bath. Try to use a shower attachment. Put non-slip mats in bath. Wet Sam and work shampoo through coat. Keep shower running on dog and work into a lather. (Not you, the dog’s coat). Rinse thoroughly. Shampoo again if necessary and rinse. Yellow soak up cloths work wonders for drying dog or use old towels. Let dog have a good shake and then put on grooming table (or flat surface) and blow dry, brushing the whole time. A good quality domestic hair dryer can be used making sure the air intake is kept clear of fur at all times to prevent overheating although it’s worth investing in a commercial dryer. Let dog off table for comfort calls. When dry comb through coat.