SBOL Open Show 2018

Date/Time:    24/02/2018 (All Day)

Parkside Hall
Woburn Street
MK45 2HX


Judge – Mrs Angie Challenger (Lyveden)
Special Award Classes – Ms. Ewa Dudek

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About our judges

OPEN SHOW JUDGE: Mrs Angie Challenger (Lyveden)

My interest in dogs started in 1977 with the purchase of my first Great Dane puppy. At his and my first show – an enormous exemption show – he want Best Puppy and from then on I was hooked. I started judging in 1985 after passing the Canine Studies Institute’s Judging Diploma and Dog Breeding Certificate, where I found a special interest in genetics and health.

I came to know the Samoyed in 1983 and over the years have made many friends in this breed. I passed the SBOL Judging Exam in 1988 and I steward for the League at their Championship shows on a regular basis. I have run Ringcraft and Obedience classes for approximately 15 years and enjoy all aspects of the sport of dogs. I used to train the Danes in Obedience and Agility, to the amusement of many.

Through obedience I met the first Australian Shepherds in England and now also breed, show and train these on sheep when time permits. I now give tickets in both these breeds.

Because of my interest in working dogs, I have always been hot on functional soundness, as well as the beauty of breed type and temperament, therefore, I am looking forward to my appointment to judge your Samoyeds and thank the committee for the invitation.

SPECIAL AWARDS JUDGE: Ms. Ewa Dudek (Blossomrain)

Since I was a child there always had been a dog in my family home, and so when I got married, me and my husband decided to introduce our own dog into the family. That is how we got our first Alaskan Malamute Glacier Girl in 2008, and shortly afterwards we welcomed another Malamute in our family. Since 2011, I own, show and breed Samoyeds under the kennel name of ‘Blossomrain’ and I became very passionate about the breed.